Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DDW Pic 651. Monsterail - Panorama

Monsterail - Panorama
Shortly after leaving the Magic Kingdom last Wednesday, it was quickly apparent that the monorail was broken. A bad storm had just passed through the area and had caused an electrical issue with the Magic Kingdom line. The queues for all of the boats were enormous and people were getting cranky. The good news was that the "Monsterail" was stuck nearby, and I finally had a chance to get a picture of it. For several weeks this Monsters University Monorail has been making its way around the resort to promote the upcoming movie, coming out on June 21st. The Monsterail isn't as noticeable as the Iron Manorail, or the previous Avengerail or Tronorail. However, it is cleverly done with the monsters appearing to be passengers in the monorail cars.

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