Monday, March 11, 2013

DDW Pic 559. New Tangled Restrooms - Panorama

New Tangled Restrooms - Panorama
Just a few days ago, the new Tangled "rest area" opened in the Magic Kingdom. It is located just past 'it's a small world' and connects to Liberty Square near the Haunted Mansion exit. I call it a "rest area" because it is much more than simple restrooms. It is amazingly well themed to the movie Tangled, right down to the frying pans that hang over the sinks. It also has numerous places to sit and relax. Although it has a rustic feel, Disney recognized that most of us utilize our smartphones in the park, and they installed numerous recharging stations throughout the area. When I say recharging stations, I mean electrical outlets, but there is little question what they are going to be primarily used for. I took this shot today while giving a tour of the Magic Kingdom.