Wednesday, August 17, 2011

60. Subsonic Radio

I have written many times, in the articles on this website, about how Disney creates a good "feeling" throughout their theme parks. One of the most prominent ways this is done is through the music that can be heard in just about every corner of every park. Whether it is a background track you hear while strolling through a gift shop or one of the great live musical productions, the music is a huge part of the Disney entertainment experience.  Some of the more popular theme park music can be purchased on souvenir CDs, but much of it (especially the background music) can only be listened to via the internet. I have highlighted several such websites in the past and would like to add Subsonic Radio to the list. is a great place to listen to your favorite Disney parks music. It contains five channels that offer continues streaming tracks for listeners to enjoy. You can listen to the music through Windows Media Player or WinAmp, which lets you open the channels in iTunes. Subsonic Radio has a few channels that you'd expect from a site that plays Disney parks soundtracks. These include the "scheduled" channel where the website host has a general, pre-programed menu of music that will play throughout the day. There is also the "background" channel that plays just that.....Disney parks background music.

In addition to the two expected channels, there are three other unique ones.  The "requests" channel allows registered users to suggest a specific song to be played. This is the modern day version of calling up a radio station to try and get your favorite tune played on the radio. These requested tracks are played continuously on this channel. The final two channels are really interesting. First is the "Soarin" channel, which plays the soundtrack, background, and queue music from this specific attraction. For fans of this ride, there can be no better place to audibly bring you back to Epcot, or California Adventure (if you are from the west coast).  Finally, there is the "Star Tunnel" channel which plays continuous music from the classic roller coaster, Space Mountain. This is another channel that plays a set of specific soundtracks from a very popular and iconic attraction.

As a complement to the website, there is also a corresponding iPhone app. It is a user friendly and well designed app that allows you to listen to all five of the Subsonic Radio channels. In addition to giving you access to a huge library of Disney parks music, it also includes a sleep timer that allows you to set a specific length of time that the music will play. This is definitely a nice touch. Finally, the app has a "gifts" tab that gives the user a handful of nice Disney World pictures to add to their iPhone photo library. They can be used as wallpaper backgrounds. One of the best parts about the Subsonic Radio app is that it is completely free!

I highly recommend adding to the bookmarks on your computer. Also, if you are an iPhone user, the app is a must have. For those of us who like to relive our fond Disney World memories through music, Subsonic Radio is a fantastic source!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!


  1. If I may, there is one more stream. It comes and goes because it is seasonal. It has been known to host "Holiday" tracks played in December and Halloween tracks played in October.

    Additionally, there is a Windows app and a Mac app for playing the streams without having to deal with the various media players out there. Like the iOS App, they are tied directly to our servers and will offer up any streams available and if anything changes they will change with the main Subsonic Server.

    Wayne (YZFDonor @ Subsonic)

  2. Thanks for the update Wayne! Keep up the great work on the site and apps!

  3. I have been listening to Subsonic since 2007 and hands down it is the best site for listening to Disney Theme Park music! I love that site and it gives me my daily Disney fix!! Thanks for writing the article!
    Claudia (DisneyDreamer58)

  4. Oops I meant since 2004 :) man time flys when you are having fun...hahaha