Friday, June 24, 2011

48. MouseWorld Radio

There are so many reasons that people love to go to Walt Disney World.  For many it is the amazing and unique attractions that can't be found outside of a Disney park.  For others it is the variety and quality of the dining experiences. In addition to the tangible things, most guests would agree that spending time in Disney World makes us "feel" a certain way. There isn't necessarily a word to describe this feeling, but those of you who vacation there know what I'm talking about. Just like a good movie would be lacking without a good soundtrack, the same is true for a good theme park. Listening to the music of Walt Disney World brings back great memories for me.  For many of us, it also has the power to mentally take us back to our favorite place.  A great website that helps us achieve this is

Mouse World Radio was created by Mike Newell who is well known in the Disney online community. As I wrote about in an earlier article, Mike is also one of the core members of the WDW Today podcast. He is the technical brains behind that podcast and does a great job in that role.  Mike started Mouse World Radio many years ago to bring Disney World fans the music, background audio, and attraction soundtracks that we all enjoy when visiting the parks. Something that makes his website stand out is that much of what we are hearing was actually recorded by Mike himself, using professional recording equipment. Although there are a few Disney World souvenir albums available for purchase, a majority of what we hear on Mouse World Radio is not available commercially. features six different "radio stations" for us to enjoy. Most of them can be listened to for free, however a couple stations require a subscription requiring a monthly fee. Each of the stations is set up just like a radio station so we don't know what is coming next. This actually makes listening fun as we anticipate what might be coming up. Although we don't know what to expect for much of the day, a couple of the stations incorporate a "real time" feature.  For example, MouseWorld Radio 1 plays Magic Kingdom entrance music between 8am and 9am, just like you'd expect to hear while waiting outside the gates of the park at this time of the morning. Then, at 9am we hear the music of Main Street, as if we had just entered the park and were strolling toward Cinderella's Castle. You are also liable to hear parade music at parade time (3pm) and the Wishes fireworks display soundtrack as I am listening to while writing this at 10pm.  This real time feature does a great job at taking us back to the parks throughout the day. I love listening to park opening music on my way to work.  Yes, I end up arriving at my "real job" instead of Space Mountain, but it is fun nonetheless.

In addition to the website, there is now a corresponding Mouse World Radio app for most smartphones. I recently installed the app on my iPhone and it works great.  It is a simple little app that plays the live stream from MouseWorld Radio station 1X.  It has a very basic start/stop interface and the current track title is usually displayed on the screen. The app is free from the iTunes store and I would suspect it would be free for other smartphones as well. I highly recommend both and the app to anyone looking for a little Disney World music to get you through your day! Also, be sure to check out Mike Newell and the rest of the crew on the WDW Today podcast.  You won't be sorry!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward.  See ya real soon! 

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