Tuesday, June 21, 2011

47. WDW Secrets Notescast App

I am now approaching the six month anniversary of the Digital Disney World blog.  As you can tell from many of my previous articles, I am a big proponent and user of the iPhone.  As you can imagine, I have several folders on my iPhone filled with my favorite Walt Disney World websites and apps.  There are dozens of great Disney apps available and we see new ones coming out all the time.  It looks like Apple's App Store will be providing me with great subjects to write about for the foreseeable future.  This article is no exception.

The Walt Disney World Secrets Notescast App is one of those dual purpose apps that is great to use both at home as well as when touring Disney World.  It is broken down into three major sections.  First, you will find the Walt Disney World "Secrets" section.  Next is Walt Disney World "Fun Facts." Last, but not least, is the WDW "Hidden Mickey Tours" section.  There are a few more sections listed on the home page that include information related to TimeStream Software, the creator of the app.

The section entitled Walt Disney World "Secrets" is organized by theme park and is set up as a tour.  It includes over 250 secrets and surprises from all four parks. Diehard Disney World fans will be familiar with much of what is found here, but I learned several interesting tidbits while browsing through each grouping. For newer or more casual fans, there is certainly alot to be learned from reading about each attraction.  The creators of the app did a nice job of making it usable while actually touring the parks.  It is alot of fun to be waiting in line at an attraction and read a little know secret about it. However, be careful about reading these facts aloud as you run the risk of being called "Cliff Clavin" by your traveling party. I know this from personal experience! (By the way, the actor who played Cliff Clavin is John Ratzenberger, and he has had a voice part in every Pixar film to date. I had to tie that reference back to Disney somehow!)

The second section of the WDW Secrets App is entitled "Fun Facts."  This is where you will learn numerical facts such as attraction dimensions, ride speeds and weights. It is a much smaller part of the app than the "Secrets" section, but interesting nonetheless.  The final major section, "WDW Hidden Mickey Tours," is another fun resource to use while touring the parks. It first describes what a Hidden Mickey is all about and then breaks down the tours by theme park.  This is a part of the app that I used quite a bit on our most recent trip, and it definitely helped to pass the time while waiting in lines.

The Walt Disney World Secrets Notescast App is available through iTunes for $1.99.  There is also a newer "Gold" edition of the app that is $2.99. It appears that the major difference is that the Gold edition includes photographs. In addition to the app being offered for iPhones, iPods, and iPads, there is actually a version available in the Android Market for owners of these types of devices. I certainly recommend this app for whatever smartphone you may have!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward.  See ya real soon!

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